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The right food from the right places

With an informal but accurate service from some of Florence’s best young talents, both the rich signature breakfast from Alfieri's selected partner Foody Farm and the cocktail proposal offered by our brand new bars Vittorio and Alfieri Terrace makes you feel like you’re in a high-energy, sophisticated environment that translates the hype of global cities such as London, Paris, Barcelona into the intimate, cosy setting of a Florentine neighbourhood bar.


Every morning from 7 to 10.30 am indulge in an international breakfast buffet composed of sweet and salty foods, all based on ingredients of Tuscan origin. To start the day with the right energy, BreakFarm is a choice of quality and taste.

American Bar "Vittorio". A place to relax. In Alfieri’s style.

When reflecting on the finer things in life, our thoughts often turn to Vittorio Alfieri, the most famous host in the history of our Palazzo and one of the most respected writer in Italian history. He always knew how to create the perfect welcome for leaders, artists and business people. After all, his career was a bit of all three. So for a cozy hideaway where you can enjoy fine drinks, may we recommend oura american Bar "Vittorio". New, yet with the feel of a private club from another era, Vittorio is not one exclusive getaway, but the proposition of a very simple and relaxed concept of Cocktail Bar. And as our founder could tell you, the name Vittorio is from ancient Latin, and has an apt meaning – winning.

Alfieri Terrace Rooftop Bar - A Different Point of View on Florence

Alfieri Terrace Rooftop Bar welcomes guests with impeccable service traditions and essential décor, which reflect renowned Florentine art of welcoming.
Alfieri Terrace Rooftop Bar engages its guest through a stunning, breathtaking view on the Duomo and the Arno River and a refined cocktail selection inspired by the Florentine tradition of high quality drinks, sparked 100 years ago by the now world famous Conte Negroni.


Informal, but with a focus on autenticity, the Foody Farm Restaurant, located in one of the most prestigious rooms of Palazzo Alfieri, boasts a 360-degree Food & Drink proposal. With a proposal of traditional dishes alongside some easier Street Food dishes, all based on raw ingredients coming from small Tuscan farms, Foody Farm offers the same quality and taste for wine and drinks. With the innovative "Farmology" concept , cocktails are really innovative, perfect both at aperitif time and for the after-dinner.

You can contact us directly at to reserve your table at Foody Farm.