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Breakfast & Dining

The right food from the right places

A 360-degree Food & Drink Tuscan proposal. In addition to traditional dishes and the informal Street Food, all based on raw materials from small Tuscan farms, Foody Farm offers the same quality and taste for breakfast, with BreakFarm. As for the drinks, with the innovative "Farmology" concept, the proposals from Foody Farm are unique for both the aperitif and the after-dinner.


Every morning from 7 to 10.30 am indulge in an international breakfast buffet composed of sweet and salty foods, all based on ingredients of Tuscan origin. To start the day with the right energy, BreakFarm is a choice of quality and taste.


Foody Farm is based on a very simple concept: "The right food coming from the right places". Offering a special menu, which includes a wide variety of meat types, vegetables, artisanal pasta and cheeses, Foody Farm takes you on a gastronomic tour of Tuscany, reinventing our traditional dishes.


The unique feature of Foody Farm is represented by the absence of a traditional menu setting that includes appetizers, first and second courses: the guest is free to compose the menu suitable for his needs.
In addition to traditional Tuscan dishes, the menu offers a wide choice of Fast Food and Street Food, like sandwiches and snacks ennobled by prestigious selected raw materials. Many of the dishes are also available in the "half portion" version. There is a varied wine list and many of them are also available by the glass.


Foody's Cocktails are available all day. At aperitif time, they are perfect if accompanied by Foody's Street Food. The real revolution is represented by "Farmology", a concept that proposes drinks in a new version: pre-mixed, refined in glass at low temperature and then served in vintage-flavored bottles, ready to be poured into the glasses that contain the Ice. Farmology is Foody Farm's unique vision of mixology, but there's no shortage of Superior cocktails and centrifuges on the menu.