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Our Partners

Palazzo Alfieri

Palazzo Alfieri wouldn't be the same without its prestigious, strategic partners. Here you find five partners that shaped our project with their excellent contribution. We are thankful to them and to those who contribute in making our Collezione what it is today and to those who shape its future.


YOU are our first partner.

Our guests' contribution to our project is crucial, as the continous feedback we receive keeps us getting better and better. Our guests have a strategic role in driving our Collezione to the future, we thank you for that.


Since 1871, the Biscioni family has passed down its traditions from generation to generation and the passion for constant improvement by devoting them to its creations.


Alfieri Collezione selected the exclusive fragrances of BOIS 1920 as a perfect olfactive memory to your special stay in Florence.

These perfumes are unique pieces of art produced in Florence by the maitre profumiers of BOIS 1920, our selected partner.


Frescobaldi embodies the essence of Tuscany, its extraordinary vocation for viticulture and diversity of its territories.
Frescobaldi's uniqueness stems precisely from the representation of this diversity, from its estates and from wines which express a kaleidoscope of aromas and sensations, springing from the characteristics of each individual terroir.